What We Do

Since 2005, Inside Justice has been pursuing a multilayered agenda to promote a just, fair, inclusive, and peaceful future for all. The rule of law, access to justice, human rights, strong institutions, and sustainable inclusive societies are at the core of our education and training programs, technical assistance, and advocacy initiatives for effective justice reforms and governance strengthening.

Together, we will make it happen.

  • Justice Reforms and Strengthening
  • Effective and Accountable Governance
  • Legal and Policy Reforms
  • Education and Training
  • Technical Assistance
  • Research

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  • Rule of law strengthening
  • Capacity building to advance access to justice and legal empowerment
  • Ensuring nondiscrimination and respect for individual rights in justice systems
  • Evaluation of judicial training programs
  • Ethical and responsible uses of artificial intelligence and emerging tech
  • Pro bono legal assistance
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