Call for Papers: International Review of the Red Cross – The Evolution of Warfare since World War I

The International Review of the Red Cross invites articles on the evolution of international humanitarian law (IHL). Suggested topics include state sovereignty, changing legal perceptions, evolving IHL practice, and emerging legal dimensions of IHL. Have the humanitarian consequences of conflict generated a respect for rule of law?


The deadline to submit articles is March 1, 2015.


Articles are encouraged on the following topics:

  • Trends in the evolution of conflicts since World War I
  • The challenges to international humanitarian law posed by the constant evolution of conflicts and means of warfare
  • How have humanitarian actors adapted their response to conflicts & crises since World War I?
  • State sovereignty and humanitarian actors, security, and changing perceptions
  • The notion of death in war (deaths of combatants; civilian deaths)

Please see the detailed submission information: Information for Authors